Service Charge help for Landlords

Landlords with Service Charge arrears

If you want to recover your Service Charge arrears – we’re here to help.


Three important things you should know

  1. Both the Lease document itself, and the relevant legislation (the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) come into play to determine how you can recover Service Charges. The lease sets out the obligations of both the Landlord and Tenant, including how and what can be recovered in Service Charges. Landlords have a right to recover their service charges, even if you are a group of resident owners who collectively became the ‘Landlord’ by purchasing the freehold.
  2. The legislation also includes the right for a Tenant to challenge the “reasonableness” of the Service Charges, the subjective nature of which can cause contention.
  3. There are very detailed rules around the serving of demands for payment, statutory time frames and the information required to be included on correspondence and Notices. Failure to comply with the legislation may lead to arrears claims being unsuccessful.

Three ways we can help you

  • We’ll consider the validity of the demands and establish the best course of action
  • Assist with Letters Before Action
  • Deal with issuing, preparation and representation at a tribunal hearing if necessary

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Who to contact

For more information the following lawyers will be able to help with Service Charge help for Landlords.

Karen Bright
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Stuart Merrison
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