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Dealing in property is at the heart of what has made us the firm we are. The strap-line says it all. Property matters: because it matters to you, it matters to us, too.

At Bishop & Sewell LLP, we pride ourselves on adding value at all stages of our clients’ property transactions. It is with good reason that we have an outstanding reputation in the Central London property market, and with other professionals working within that market. We are especially proud of our expertise.

Every transaction is unique, but they do share one common feature: those involved need the right advice and guidance throughout the process. Our clients comprise owners, occupiers, investors, business tenants and developers. Our property teams can help you navigate your way through the range of property matters, whether residential or commercial.

Our property experts’ pride themselves on understanding their clients. Through appreciating each client’s needs and goals, we ensure that our service is relevant, commercial and truly personal. Often working collaboratively with other industry professionals, we can manage any size of project. The properties we deal with range from private homes, shops and offices to industrial units, hotels, commercial trading estates, retail and leisure developments and large residential estates. Each client has a designated single key contact from within the team, to ensure the absolute best level of service and communication from start to finish.

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