Insolvency is a complex issue requiring detailed knowledge of the regulations and law, and sound commercial judgement. You need an expert and experienced guide to lead you through what might otherwise be perilous territory. Every alternative should be explored, and every strategy for dealing with existing or anticipated financial challenges considered. We work with you and other professionals such as Insolvency Practitioners to find the right solution for you in the particular circumstances of your business.

How can we help?

We can assist and advise on the following:

  • The likelihood of insolvency
  • A strategy which is tailored to you and your most beneficial commercial outcome
  • Company voluntary arrangements
  • Administrations and administrative receiverships
  • Law of property act receiverships
  • Liquidation
  • Directors’ duties and disqualification proceedings
  • Company restructuring and rescue
  • Asset tracing

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Who to contact

For more information the following lawyers will be able to help with Insolvency.

Karen Bright
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Stephanie Thomas
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Ian Pope
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