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A department designed around your needs

We have built an entire department upon an analysis of your HR needs. We know that you want short, high-quality, practical advice which keeps your business moving forward. What makes us different is that we can demonstrate how we intend to achieve this every time we are instructed.

A key day to day HR resource

We want to be thought of as a key resource working along side you, when needed. To achieve this level of trust, we want to show that we are only interested in charging for the value that we add as lawyers.

Practical advice, not legal lectures

  1. We will do so in a short, easy-to-understand way.
  2. We will give you options, relative to your goal(s), but we will not sit-on-the-fence. We will give a view on what action we recommend you take.
  3. We will tell you how to practically implement that action. We will provide you with letters or e-mails or scripts in order to make your job as easy as possible.
  4. We will do so in a way that is cost-effective. All our systems are designed to save time and cut cost.

We get deals done… despite the obstacles in the way

We understand that ultimately, you want to feel that you got the right deal done at the right price. Sometimes that will involve taking on risk, sometimes you will want to ensure that the risk is minimised. In this context, there is no point in pretending that Employment Law doesn’t throw up potential obstacles.

That’s why you need commercially minded lawyers to help you cut through it all.

Projects… properly planned

Redundancy exercises. Outsourcing exercises.

Our extensive experience delivers efficiency and proper execution

As with any project work, we are highly organised. We offer diagrams to explain the process, roll-out programmes, scripts to use at employee-meetings and experienced draftsmen to deal with the warranties and indemnities that might be needed.

Look at it from our point of view. We want to be one of the best in the business at what we do. That means providing clear commercial advice which reflects the task in hand, without wasting our time and your money. We know our competitors struggle to achieve this. We want to beat our competitors hands down. We are therefore proud when we complete complicated work quickly but to a very high standard.

Our experience also helps us to recognise and commoditise discrete pieces of work. This helps us to offer accurate fixed fee quotes for that work and even agree which part(s) of the work you might prefer to do yourself. This is particularly true of litigation.

Fielding trained tribunal advocates

Specialist, heavy-weight litigators, used to acting for companies

You need lawyers who not only specialise in Employment Law, but who are also used to acting for companies. Your lawyers not only need to be sharp advocates with an eye for detail and an absolute understanding of the law, but also good organisers who are capable of scheduling Tribunal tasks to fit in with Company deadlines. Which is, of course, exactly what we offer, but that’s not all.

Trained tribunal advocates

We only employ trained advocates. It makes a difference. Lawyers that are prepared to conduct the case at hearing leave nothing to chance when preparing a case. Their ability to sense what a Tribunal will demand of you or your witnesses is greatly heightened. This means you get a sharper lawyer and a better prepared case.

Experienced in seeing things to the end

It is quite true to say that many employment tribunal cases settle, often on commercial grounds. What distinguishes our lawyers is their experience in seeing cases to the very end, personally. This experience has been gained when acting for NHS clients, where it is often not possible to settle cases due to Department of Health policy restrictions. This means that you really are getting the benefit of properly experienced advocates who have actually ‘been there’.

But efficient and commercially-minded

We only offer trained advocates with over 12 years experience of litigating Tribunal cases. Their experience has bred efficiency and as a result, we are able to offer fixed fees in relation to most cases. Our systems are so streamlined that we can even work with you to choose what elements of the work you might choose to undertake yourself.

At the same time, our lawyers are alive to the commercial aspects of litigation. Such as cost and reputation-management. It’s why one of the first things we do upon instruction is to undertake a commercial review of the litigation and present a short strategy note. This helps you to identify you litigation goal (fight or settle), by going through issues such as: the percentage chance of successfully defending the claim; the realistic financial exposure if you lost; likely legal costs; settlement options and recommended settlement sum if that were a consideration. In doing so, we keep you in commercial control at all times.

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