Immigration Checks For Landlords & Agents

The Immigration Act 2014 imposes new obligations on landlords and in some circumstances, agents, to check that the person that they are letting a property to is entitled to be in the UK. Failure to comply can result in the landlord or agent being responsible for a fine of up to £3,000.

Head of the Dispute Resolution team, Karen Bright commented as follows:

‘The government has taken steps to enforce what it sees will be a popular policy on migration and immigration status, however, this is another administrative burden for landlords to deal with. It remains to be seen how these arrangements will play out in practice, but the government has made assurances that the process will be ‘quick’ and ‘straightforward’. Given that the landlord can seek consent from the Home Office, it should be possible to comply with the scheme without too much difficulty. To help with the smooth running of the scheme, it has been suggested that the checks should be piloted and properly assessed before they are applied across the UK. It is not yet known whether the scheme will be implemented in this way’.

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