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The Sweet Taste Of Lord Sugar’s success

The press have relished the case brought by former Apprentice winner Stella English against the game show’s host Lord Sugar’s AMS-Holdings Group. Lord Sugar has hailed his victory as a triumph against the “claims culture”. The Judge stated that “this was a claim that should never have been brought”. So if her claim was so… Read more »

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Employment Tribunal Fees To Be Introduced

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that from July 2013 fees will be introduced in the formerly free Employment Tribunal. The main purpose of the introduction of fees is to promote mediation and the settlement of employment disputes before proceedings are issued and from the Government’s perspective represent better value for the tax payer that… Read more »

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The Rise Of The Vexatious Litigant

There has been a noticeable increase in recent years in the number of vexatious litigants who attempt to lure potential employers into the discrimination trap. The aim of these types of litigant is to extort money out of businesses that decline to offer them employment. It is usually more commercial and cost effective to settle… Read more »

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