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Basements: One Storey Or More?

Residential owners may be familiar with their neighbours developing their properties and may even have come across the Party Wall Act which governs development close to or involving neighbouring properties. In the main this has concerned extensions to current properties on the surface; however, there is an increasing trend towards development below ground. For some… Read more »

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Basements: Health & Safety

In the current economic climate, London residents are taking steps to expand their homes without the need for the expense and uncertainty of upgrading to larger premises. It is therefore no surprise that there has been a noticeable increase in the redevelopment and extension of properties in the London area. Most noticeably there has been… Read more »

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The Collaborative Divorce

For clients contemplating divorce or separation there are many ways of resolving issues, by involving the courts, mediation or choosing the collaborative approach. There is no right or wrong way but it is important to do what is right for you and for many, where there is no domestic violence or overbearing conduct on the… Read more »

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